Adam Rouilly real human full medical skeleton excellent condition.


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This is a nice example of a full human medical skeleton that has been prepared by the Adam Rouilly company. 

The skeleton is in excellent condition and is only missing two distal phalanges on the toes and the coccyx. Some of the plaster that was used to recreate the cartilage on the rib cage has broken off to expose the wires underneath. With a bit of time and patience the ribcage could be easily repaired. Some of the wiring on the right carpal bones have come loose but this is a simple repair.

The skull is in excellent condition and is only missing one tooth which must have been lost pre-mortem as the jaw has re-healed. The hooks and pins that hold the cranium in place are both present as are the springs that articulate the jaw. One interesting feature with this skull is that there are two small ceramic repairs to the two upper incisors which are held in place with two golden pins. This type of repair shows the age of the skeleton as it sounds like this was discontinued many years ago.

The Adam Rouilly label is still present on the inside of the pelvis and is in very good condition. Overall, this is a lovely example of a medical skeleton and in excellent condition.


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