Antique Adam Rouilly real human demonstration skull in original box.


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This is a very rare item and in great condition. An antique Adam Rouilly real human skull that has been cut away and has hinged segments that show the sinuses and also the structures within the ear. The skull has a lovely deep colour and nice patina that can only be gained over many years of use. This specimen originated from a teaching hospital where it was in use for demonstrations for many years.

The cranium is removable and held on with hooks. The base of the skull has also been divided along the median line so that it opens into two halves. The right temporal bone can be removed and is sectioned to show the bony labyrinths and eardrum. The frontal sinus and the maxillary sinus can both be opened with hinged flaps. The left temporal bone can also be removed and splits into three pieces to show the semi-circular canals etc. The original Adam Rouilly label is still attached to the left temporal bone.

The box is also original and in great condition. The dam Rouilly paper label is still present although the glue that held it onto the underside of the lid has dried and crumbled but it would be easily re-glued.

Overall, the skull is in very good condition with no missing teeth although a few of the upper and lower teeth have chipped over time as they have become brittle. The teeth were originally set into plaster to build up the jaw. This was the usual practice with these very early medical skulls to create the full dentition.

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