Antique Adam Rouilly real human medical half skeleton.


An interesting example of a medical skeleton. This one was originally supplied by Adam Rouilly and is still in the original box with the Adam Rouilly stamp on the lid. 

The half skeleton is in reasonable condition but is missing most of the bones of the hand. The foot is complete and the bones wired together. The skeleton has the half sternum and also has the hyoid bone. The ribs are numbered and the bones are coloured and annotated to show muscle attachments etc.

The skull has the original brass hooks and pins to hold the removable cranium in place and also has the brass springs to articulate the jaw. This is an old skeleton and has seen plenty of use so it has gained a nice deep colour and patina over the years. The skull is also marked and annotated to show muscle attachments. Many of the teeth have also disappeared over the years but there are still twelve in place.


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