Antique Adam Rouilly real human medical skeleton in box


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This is a very nice and early example of an Adam Rouilly supplied medically prepared skeleton. It is also surprising, given it's age, that it is complete. 

Judging by the condition of the skull, the brass fittings and the box, I would estimate that this was prepared around the turn of the 20th Century although it appears that the lid of the box might not actually belong to the base but they are both the same period.

The skull is typical for one of this age in that it was prepared from the skull of an old person. The jaws were then built up with plaster into which the teeth were set to hold them firm. It doesn't look like this was originally set with full dentition but some of the ones that were there appear to be missing. Not surprising over the last 100+ years. One of the springs that articulate the jaw has been replaced at some stage as they would also originally have been brass. The bones of the skull have also been annotated at some stage in very neat small writing. A nice example of the provenance and history.

The skeleton is intact with all bones still present. Some of the bones have also been marked and coloured to show the muscle attachments. The vertebrae have been wired into three parts with the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae with the bones also being numbered. The foot and hand bones are wired and strung to show the articulation. As you can see from the photos, a few of the distal phalanges of the foot as missing and one appears to have been replaced with a plaster copy. 

Overall, a very nice example of a really old medically prepared skeleton.

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