Antique medical real human half skeleton in box


This is an old example of a medical half skeleton. 

It is mostly complete but is missing one vertebra and the sternum. I also think that not all the bones originated from the same skeleton as the leg bones seem to be differing sizes. The hand and foot are complete with the original waxed thread although this has been re-fastened at the end of a few threads to hold the bones on. There are 23 vertebrae so one is missing and from the colour, I think that some of them are from another skeleton as there is quite a colour and patina difference.

The skull is in quite good condition with most of the teeth still present in the upper jaw. I also think that the lower jaw in not the right one for the skull as it appears to be smaller. The skull has a very nice colour and patina.

The box is an original medical skeleton box but unfortunately, it is missing the lid and has no stamp or label to identify the original supplier.


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