Antique real human disarticulated skull medical specimen


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This is an interesting item. This is a disarticulated real human medical skull. All the bones of the skull have been separated to show the individual structures.

The skull is unfortunately incomplete as it is missing some of the small, fragile nasal bones. It has the frontal bone, two parietal bones, the occipital, two temporal, two maxilla, the sphenoid, a partial vomer, two zygomatics and the mandible.

This skull also has six complete teeth in the maxillae and six complete and a further three broken teeth in the mandible.

This is a lovely antique example of a disarticulated skull which has built up a nice, rich colour and a great patina over the years. It is also interesting to see the faded remnants of annotations on some of the bones. The writing is in elegant old “copperplate” script and the ink has faded over the years but gives a good indication of the age of this specimen

This is an unusual item with a great colour and an interesting example of these medical specimens.

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