Antique real human half skeleton medically prepared


This is a nice example of an antique medically prepared skeleton. From the colour of the bones and the patina, it must be an old specimen, the best part of 100 years old. 

The skull is in reasonable condition although the hooks and pins that hold the cranium in place and the springs to articulate the jaw are no longer with the skeleton. Most of the teeth are also missing and there is a small piece of the the occipital missing from the cranium where it was cut.

The skeleton is intact with all ribs, vertebrae and bones present (apart from the coccyx). The bones of the hand and foot are strung together to show the articulation. The Ends of the tibia must have become friable and crumbled and have since been re-modelled with an epoxy type substance. The fibula is also missing part of the distal end.

Unfortunately, the original box is also missing but overall, the skeleton is in reasonable condition for the age and has a lovely colour and patina.


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