Antique real human medical complete half skeleton in box Adam Rouilly


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This is a nice example of an early Adam Rouilly medically prepared half skeleton. Judging by the box, the brass skull fittings and general patina, this skeleton is an example from the early 20th Century.

The skull is in good condition for the age with the original brass hooks and pins to hold the cranium in place and also the original springs to articulate the jaw. Most of the teeth are still present. It appears that only two of the teeth might have been lost post-mortem with the others having been lost pre-mortem as the jaw has healed over the gaps as can be seen in the photos.

The skeleton is complete with all ribs, vertebrae and the hand and foot have the bones strung together with the original cord. Overall the skeleton is complete and in very good condition.

The box is original and still has the Adam Rouilly label taped into the lid although this is now looking a bit tatty. The box has the original hooks and eyes to keep the lid closed although the lid appears to have shrunk over the years so the eyes have now moved out of alignment.


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