Antique real human partial disarticulated skull


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A bit of a mixed lot this one. 

These are parts of a medical disarticulated skull. Judging by the colour of the bone, I think that this example dates to the early 20th Century. 

The front of the skull is divided vertically to expose the sinus cavities. This was probably a sagittal section of the whole skull. There is also a divided temporal bone which shows the maxillary process. The final piece is part of a cranium. 

This whole parcel was a group from a medical college and appears to have been well used over the year. All the pieces have had a coat of varnish at some stage to try to prevent the bones from becoming brittle. This has yellowed a bit over the years but it actually gives the bones quite a nice deep colour. I am also not convinced that the cranium matches the frontal etc but as these all came as a group, they should stay together.


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