Antique real human un-matched cranium medical specimen.


This cranium came with a collection of skulls from a medical school but unfortunately, it doesn't match any of the skulls in the collection. It has obviously become separated from the rest of the skull at some stage in the past.

The cranium is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or breaks. This is an old cranium that has obviously had a lot of handling as it has a nice deep colour and a good patina. In places, the sutures have fused to the point where they are indistinct as can be seen best on the inside of the cranium.

This cranium has also been annotated although some of it is hard to make out. What I can read appears to have the date of 1908 (3?) and the name Marzola Giovanni. This appears to have been done in pencil but is, fortunately still clear.

An interesting item with a nice inscription.

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