Complete Auzoux antique articulated real human pelvic girdle medical specimen


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This is a very unusual item. It is a real human bone complete pelvic girdle with the sacrum together with both left and right pelvic bones and the top of both femur. This has been prepared by the medical supply company Auzoux of Paris. It has been articulated to show the ligaments and tendons.

The bones have been fixed together to show the articulation of the bones. The whole model seems to have had a thin coat of varnish probably to try to prevent the bones from crumbling. There is an original Auzoux label inside the pelvis. There is also still some small bits of old blu-tack where labels have been stuck. The right hip joint looks like it has been torn at some stage as the ligaments look like they may have separated. Other than that, it is in excellent condition

This is an example that was part of a collection from a medical college.

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