Millikin and Lawley real human partial disarticulated skull.


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This is a fascinating and very unusual item. A partial disarticulated skull in a purpose made box from Millikin and Lawley.

This is only a partial disarticulated skull as you can see from the photos. The sphenoid, frontal and occipital bones are present but only one parietal and one temporal bone. The compartment in the top layer of the box also contains the remains of the nasal bones. There is also a small Myrtle Grove Cigarettes tin which contains odds and ends of small skull bones although these may not be from the same skull. Amongst these there is also a complete hyoid.

The box itself is in reasonable condition complete with some of the cotton wool type padding which may be original. The top of the lid and the base appear to have been repaired with tape at some stage to hold them in place. Inside the lid is the name of a person who was probably the original owner and a label saying "Millikin & Lawley, 165 Strand, London". The box separates into two sections and a lid and measures a total of 21 cm high and 18 cm diameter.

Millikin and Lawley were a highly reputable supplier of medical and scientific equipment based in London and operated from approximately the 1860's to 1930's. 

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