Partial real human skull medical specimen un-cut cranium


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This is an interesting example of a medically prepared partial human skull.

It has been medically prepared although the cranium has been left un-cut. There is a hole in the top of the cranium which would suggest that this example originally was from a full, articulated skeleton where the hook would emerge through the top of the skull to hold the skeleton. There are still the pins in place which would have hooked the springs to articulate the jaw. Unfortunately, the jaw / mandible is also missing. As this is an example from a medical college, they often became separated over the years of study.

This sull was from an older person as there would have been few, if any, teeth remaining in the jaws. As you can see, the left zygomatic arch. Zygomatic bone and part of the maxilla are missing.

On the frontal, there is printed “ET IN ARCADIA EGO”. This is probably in reference to the 17th Century painting of “The Arcadian shepherds” by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino). The painting depicts the shepherds looking at a skull with the phrase engraved on the pedestal on which the skull rests. Translated (in this context) as “I am also in paradise” this refers to the presence of death, even in paradise.

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