Real human half skeleton medical specimen


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This is an interesting example of a medically prepared real human half skeleton. It was used for many years as a teaching aid.

It is quite unusual as the skull does not have any of the usual fittings such as springs to articulate the jaw and hooks to hold the cranium in place. There is a pin in the front of the cranium that locates it on the skull. The skull is in pretty good condition and is only missing a few of the teeth. Other than this, the bones are in very good condition.

The skeleton is also complete with all the ribs present and in good condition. The vertebrae of the spine have not been drilled for stringing but are just threaded onto a piece of string to keep them in place. They have also all been annotated.

The hand and foot bones have not been drilled and threaded so if you fancy a jigsaw for Christmas, then here is your opportunity. Some of the hand bones have also been annotated.

Overall this is a very nice and unusual example of a medical skeleton in good condition.


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