Real human medical partial skull showing persistent metopic suture


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An interesting example of a medically prepared skull.

Unfortunately, this skull has lost the mandible over the years. The cranium has been cut to be removed and is held on with hooks and pins. Judging from the colour of the skull and the brass fittings, this appears to be a mid 20th Century  skull.

There are 5 teeth missing from the jaw but there would have been only 14. I don't think that this skull is from a young person though as the remaining teeth show pronounced wear from many years of a high grit / roughage diet. There is also a very small chip missing on the cranium where the pin on the left temple holds the cranium in place.

The very interesting thing about this skull is that it shows persistent metopic suture. On the frontal bone, the metopic suture usually fuses and has completely disappeared in the first eight years. Occasionally, the suture persists and never fully fuses as is shown in this example. The skull is slightly mis-shapen as there is a raised ridge up the frontal where the metopic suture is seen. The lamboid sutures are also very pronounced although whether this is as a result, I have no idea.



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