Real human medical skull sagittal section showing circulation and sinus


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This is a rare piece and a fascinating addition to a collection. It is a vintage half skull cut in sagittal section with the half jaw loosely attached to the skull. It has been very well prepared and the amount of work and detail that has gone into preparing this is very impressive. 

The inside of the skull has been coloured and illustrated to show the routes of the veins and arteries within the cranium. These paths also have a series of fine holes along their length that must have been drilled with a fine drill. I am not sure what the purpose of this is but it does enable you to follow the paths from the outside of the skull as you can see in the photos. The work is very detailed and must have taken a long time to prepare.

On the outside of the skull, the frontal sinus has been exposed. The maxillary sinus has also been opened although the covering bone is still in place and opens on a hinge to expose the interior. The ear has also been exposed to show the semi circular canals. These have also been coloured to highlight the different parts.

Most of the teeth are still present although there are some spaces which must have been lost pre-mortem as they have healed. 

The skull has been mounted on a stand and although it is also an old stand, I don't think that it is original but it does work very well and suits the skull.

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