Real human medical skull showing Atlanto-occipital fusion and deformity


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This is an unusual example of a medical human skull. This skull shows Atlanto-occipital fusion where the atlas vertebra has fused to the base of the skull. There is a wide range of severity of this condition and this one appears quite acute as the atlas is almost completely fused all the way around, merging with the occiput. This condition is not very scarce affecting an estimated  1.4 to 2.5 children per 1000, affecting both males and females equally. This condition is also associated with other deformities and this skull shows quite severe ear and jaw deformities.

The skull is in good condition with the brass springs to articulate the jaw and hooks and pins for the cranium all still in place. There is a small chip out of the back of the skull and this appears to be where there would have been a pin to align the cranium. The jaw also appears to have broken and been repaired at some stage.

Unfortunately, many of the teeth have cracked an chipped over the years from where they have dried out and become brittle. 

An unusual specimen and an interesting example of this condition.


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