Real human partial articulated skeleton thorax and sacrum


This is the mounted and articulated spine, clavicle, sternum, sacrum and the ribs from what would have been a full human articulated skeleton. This is an example from a medical college and is a bit of an oddity. This looks like it may be an amalgamation of an artificial skeleton and a real bone half skeleton. The sternum, clavicle and the right set of ribs are artificial. The spine, sacrum, left clavicle and the left ribs are all real bone.

The spine is in very good condition and the sacrum has two threaded bolts fitted which would have held the head of the femur in place.

Unfortunately, many of the ribs on the left have broken. It appears that the copper wire that was used to hold it together has not been strong enough to hold the shape and give the thorax the rigidity it needs.

If anyone wants a project then this is the one for you.

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