Rudiger Anatomie real human medical demonstration skull.


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This skull was prepared by the Rudiger Anatomie company of Germany. This skull was purchased in the 1980's but has not had much use and is therefore still perfect and very clean and white.

The skull is in completely perfect condition with all the teeth and no damage to the bones. 

The muscle origins are painted red whilst the muscle insertions are painted blue on the right side of the skull. The skull is comprised of 10 parts. the skull has a horizontal section (cranium), sagittal section, a further vertical section of the frontal sinus. The left temporal is also removable and sectioned into two to expose the inner ear. The mandible and maxilla on the left side are opened to expose the roots of the teeth together with the dental vessels and nerves. The right maxilla is also on a hinged section which exposes vertical sections of the teeth from root to crown. The skull has a full dentition and all the teeth are perfect. The amount of work that has gone into preparing this skull is astronomical.
In addition to the above, some of the attachments and insertions ventrally are annotated although I think that this is a later addition.

This is a perfect example of (probably) the most complete real demonstration skull.

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