Vintage Life size Denoyer-Geppert / Adam Rouilly Anatomy poster


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This really is a stunning poster. A full colour KL2 Skeleton and Musculature -Back View. Difficult to convey in the photographs but the figures illustrated are full size with the poster dimensions being 176cm x 108cm.

The Denoyer - Geppert company was producing these posters in Chicago USA between 1945 and 1963 with the posters KL1 to 10 being designed between 1945 and 1949. The artist was P. M. Lariviere and the figures are beautifully drawn and coloured.This one was originally supplied in the UK by the Adam Rouilly company and has their label in the middle of the lower portion. 

The poster is canvas backed with batons at top and bottom. The bones and muscles are also all numerated with the names at the base of the poster.

Overall it is in good condition. There are a few places where the surface printing has worn off and the white canvas shows through as can be seen in the photos and there is also a small hole to the left of the skeletal head (see photos). Considering that this poster is 70+ years old, it is doing well.


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