Vintage Medical real human half skeleton Millikin and Lawley


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This is a fascinating example of a real human medical half skeleton. It is a complete half skeleton which would have come from an older person with some fascinating features.

The skull is in very good condition with no breaks or missing pieces. It does not have complete dentition, but no teeth have been lost since the skull was prepared. The original teeth were fixed into a plaster matrix which has been used to build the jaws up to their original level and secure the teeth. This was very common with these early skeletons as with older examples, the remaining teeth would usually be very loose and easily lost. The original springs are still in place to articulate the lower jaw and one of the hooks is still in place to hold the cranium. The second one appears to have broken off at some stage. There are some annotations on the skull from it's use as a learning aid. Usually these can be fairly simply removed if you wished although I think that they give the skeleton history and provenance.

The hand and foot have been re-strung as the original cord has perished but all bones are present and intact as are all the ribs. The sternum is in one piece together with the cartilage. There are also some annotations on the hand, foot, arm and leg bones.

The spine is very interesting as many of the vertebrae show considerable osteophyte growth with two pairs of vertebrae having completely fused as can be seen in the photograph.

The original Millikin and Lawley label is still on the box together with the signature "J A Cartwright 1936". Millikin and Lawley were one of the leading suppliers of medical specimens from the early 20th Century. There is also a piece of original newspaper that has been used to line the bottom of the box dated January 7th 1937. 

Overall a really interesting half medical skeleton in an original box.


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