Vintage real human half medical skeleton in good condition.


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This is a very nice example of a medical half skeleton. It was probably prepared by the Adam Rouilly company as the stops used on the end of the lines used to string the hands and foot are quite distinctive. Unfortunately, any labels that would have been on the box have now gone missing.

Overall the skeleton is in excellent condition. All bones are present and are in very good condition. The vertebrae are strung together with the cervical vertebrae strung separately from the thoracic and lumbar. The sacrum is intact with the coccyx also strung onto it.

The hand and foot bones are also strung to show the articulation and the bones of the hand and foot can also be separated on the lines to see the inside faces of the bones.

The skull is in good condition. The springs to articulate the jaw and the hooks to hold the cranium in place are still present. The teeth are present except for the lower left lateral incisor. Other than that they are also in good condition. They are quite evenly worn which would suggest a lot of grit in the diet. Also, given the condition, this would suggest that this individual was not very old.

Overall a great skeleton in excellent condition.


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