African vintage beaded fly whisk


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This is a lovely early example of a beaded fly whisk / broom. This one has a bundle of rushes in place of the usual horse-hair so may have been used more as a broom than a fly whisk. The beadwork is in pink and white with three cowrie shells as additional decoration on the handle.

From the close photographs you can see that the beads are irregular size and shape. This shows that this is an early example of the beadwork as the beads are not all uniform. All these beads are hand threaded by the women in the village so the amount of work that must have gone into something even as small as this must have been enormous.

As you can see from the photos, a few of the beads are missing and some of the threads have come a bit loose. The bristles of the brush are also very brittle and fragile. This is all to be expected and in keeping with the age of this piece.

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