Ancient Pre-Columbian polychrome painted dog or bear figure


I don't know where this piece came from although there are similarities to some of the Central American cultures in style and painting. Stylistically I would estimate that this is between 1000 and 700 years old and judging by the deposits and accretions, it appears to have been buried for a long time.

This is a small terracotta painted figure that appears to be in the from of a stylised dog with a pronounced muzzle and clearly distinguished ears and arms. It is hollow as can be seem in the photographs and stands 6.5cm high. The terracotta body has been painted with a white / buff coat. Over the top of this there are extensive red painted highlights.

As can be seen in the pictures, there is wear consistent with the age of this piece. The feet are both slightly chipped and worn.

Overall, a lovely early example of these figures, especially nice with the painted body.