Antique Adam Rouilly complete real human half medical skeleton in wooden box.


This is a nice early example of an Adam Rouilly medical skeleton. Judging by the wooden box, the labels and the skull fittings, this skeleton was prepared in the early 20th Century. This is also unusual in that the skull also has an original Adam Rouilly label on the left temporal bone. The label is a bit dark from age but the text is still just visible. There is also an original label on the inside of the box lid and an Adam Rouilly stamp on the box.

The bones of the skull are in good condition for the age but unfortunately, many of the teeth have become separated and missing over the decades. The skull, together will all the bones have a lovely rich colour and patina gained over a century of handling and use.

The skeleton is complete and also has the half sternum with the cartilage still intact for the rib attachments. This was quite commonly done with these earlier skeleton preparations. A few bones, including a couple of ribs and one or two vertebrae have a slightly different colour and it is possible that lost or damaged ones may have been replaced over the years. Again, this is not uncommon in a skeleton of this age.

The hand has the bones strung together on an original waxed thread whilst the bones of the foot are wired together. There is some remnant of cotton wadding which was used to pack the skeletons still attached to the foot bones as they might have had something sticky on them at some stage (although they are not sticky now). 


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