Antique Adam Rouilly real human skull cut away medical specimen showing nerves and blood supply.


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This is a very rare item. An antique real human skull that has been painted, cut away and has hinged segments that show the sinuses and also structures within the ear. An artificial model showing exactly the same features is still in production by the Adam Rouilly company

Overall, the skull is in excellent condition and is just missing three teeth in the lower jaw. There is also one molar erupting in the back of the jaw as can be seen in the photos.

The cranium is removable and held on with hooks. The inside of the skull is painted to show where the cranial nerves emerge (yellow) and the blood supply of the arteries (red) and the veins (blue). The nerves are also shown emerging within the eye sockets, and into the palate of the mouth. The skull has also been divided along the median line so that it opens into two halves.

The right temporal bone can be removed and is sectioned to show the bony labyrinths, the semi-circular canals, eardrum and the chain of auditory ossicles. A radial mastoidectomy is shown on the left temporal bone. The roots of the upper and lower teeth in the left jaw are exposed showing blood supply and nerves.

The frontal sinus and the maxillary sinus can both be opened with hinged flaps.

This is a very rare real example of a medical model that is still in use today.


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