Antique articulated full skeleton medical specimen in excellent condition.


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This is a real antique human skeleton that was originally supplied for medical / science purposes. These were usually supplied to medical schools and for many years, this one resided in the biology department of a secondary school. From the quality of the skeleton and the wiring and articulation, this must have been prepared by one of the leading medical specimen suppliers of the time such as Millikin and Lawley or Adam Rouilly. Unfortunately, there is no label or identifying mark still on the skeleton.

The skeleton is in very good condition considering its age as judging by the style of the wiring and fittings it must over 100 years old. The skull is in excellent condition. There is only one tooth missing although, as the jaw bone has healed over, this appears to have been lost quite a long time pre-mortem. Unfortunately, several of the remaining teeth have broken. Over time, the teeth dry out and become brittle. If the sprung jaws have been allowed to "clack" together, this often chips the teeth. The cranium is detachable from the skull and held on with two hooks and the jaw is spring mounted so that it articulates properly. There is a small chip out of the skull where the pin that holds the cranium in place has been knocked.

The rib cage and sternum is in excellent condition as this fragile area is usually the part that gets damaged the most easily. The bones of the index finger of the left hand are missing as are a few distal phalanges on the toes. There is also a chip out of the pelvis where the bot that holds the leg in place passes through the bone. The bolt is now held in a loop of wire as can be seen in the photos.

This is quite a tall skeleton standing 175cm to the top of the cranium and 187cm to the top of the hanging hook. The stand on the photographs is not included with the skeleton.


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