Antique and unusual medical real human skull


This is a really interesting and unusual old medical specimen. It is a human skull where the cranium is separate and also the lower skull has been divided in to from front to back. This means that not only is the inside of the skull visible, but you can also see into the sinus cavities on both sides.

It looks like it has springs to hold the jaws onto the skull as there are two small drill holes on each side of the lower jaw bones. It looks like the hooks and eyelets that would hold the parts of the skull have also disappeared over the years.

Most of the teeth are missing although there are still a few in the lower jaw. The skull has gained a really nice patina over the years although it is interesting to see that each half of the skull is a slightly different colour. You can see this in the head-on photo. The two halves must have ben kept in slightly different places so that one might have got more light or more frequent handling than the other.

 As you can see from the photos, the top of the occipital bone is missing where it would have been part of the back of the cranium. This must just have come loose and separated over the years. There is also an interesting hole in the top of the left parietal. I think that this happened pre-mortem as the edges of the hole are smooth as though regrowth had started on the bone edges. I don't know what caused this but it is similar to some that show evidence of trepanning.

This is an unusual example and a fascinating specimen.


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