Antique medical real human partial skull with old injury scars


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This is a really tactile skull. It has a really nice deep colour and great patina that it has gained over many years. I would estimate from the colour, patina and the style of fittings that this skull is very old, probably a late 19th Century example.

Unfortunately, it is only a partial skull as the lower jaw has become separated over the years. It is a nice early medical specimen with the cranium removable and held on with nice early brass fittings. The brass pins are also still in place from where the articulating springs would attach the jaw.

There are a series of old scars in the cranium. Two on the left side and one smaller one on the right. These seem to be consistent with injuries from a sharp blade object and all three have evidence of where they have healed. There is also a small chip to the cranium on the left hand side although this is post-mortem and from where one of the pins holds the cranium in place.

There are no teeth left in the jaw although from the condition of the one, these were all lost many years pre-mortem. The eye orbits also seem to be quite rounded which might indicate European origin. The cranium is also an unusual shape with slightly flattened sides.

This is a really interesting skull and looks like it had quite a history behind it. It is small and very tactile with a really good colour and patina. 


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