Antique partial human medical skeleton with dissected ear


This is a really interesting and very unusual item. It is an antique medical partial skeleton probably dating from late Victorian times. The bones all have a rich dark colour and patina generated over many years of use. The pelvis and the clavicle are both annotated to show the sites of muscle attachments. The foot and the hand have been beautifully wired and articulated with old brass wired and springs between the fingers and toes. The hand is missing the carpal bones of the wrist.

The skull of this specimen is fascinating. It would have been divided along the sagittal section and would also have had a removable skull cap. The remaining pieces still have the original hook and pins to hold the pieces together.

The temporal bone is removable and the outer bone covering of the middle and inner ear have been removed. The ear bones have also been divided and are held in place with pins and an old brass threaded nut. The semi-circular canals are visible as is part of the cochlea.

The skeleton has been kept in the small case for many years.

This is a fascinating antique specimen with great colour and a lovely example of an old detailed medical specimen.

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