Antique partial real human medical skull


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This is a fine and large example of an antique medically prepared partial human skull. From the colour, patina and brass fittings I would estimate from the late 19th or very early 20th Century. 

It has been medically prepared with the cranium removed and held in place with hooks and pins. There are also the pins still in place which would have hooked the springs to articulate the jaw. 

Unfortunately, the jaw / mandible is also missing. As you can see from the photos, the skull has only two teeth left, both of which show pre-mortem decay. As was common in many of these early skulls, the jaw was built up with plaster into which the teeth would have been set although from the holes still in place, there would only have been another 5 teeth in the upper jaw.

This is quite a large skull and although incomplete, it is very nice because of the deep colour and patina that only plenty of handling and years can produce.

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