Antique partial real human medical skull showing thin occipital


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Unfortunately, this is only a partial skull now as the mandible and cranium are both missing. This is an interesting specimen mainly as you can see in the photos, the occipital bone is incredibly thin ventrally on either side of the foramen magnum. The bone is paper thin and has broken through on both sides although mainly on the left. I am un-decided whether this was pre or post-mortem. From looking at the rest of the skull, the bones show thinning in many places with the parietals being paper-thin in places. If the skull is held up to the light, there are numerous places where it is possible to see through the bone.

This is a very old example as the colour is a nice rich dark grey / brown. It has a lovely patina which can only be gained over many years of handling and use Only a partial skull, but a very interesting example.


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