Antique partial real human skeleton medical specimen


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This is a partial real human skeleton that had been prepared and used for medical studies. Unfortunately, the half skeleton is incomplete with the skull, hand, foot, femur, fibula, tibia, humerus, scapula, half pelvis and 10 ribs being still present. The other bones must have become misplaced over the decades that this has been used.

As you can see, the skull is in reasonable condition with the majority of the teeth still present. Unfortunately, the springs for the lower jaw and the hooks to hold the cranium in place are missing. The lower jaw is held on with loops of what look like old surgical suture. The plates of the cranium appear to have separated at some stage and been re-glued but they are not completely fused. There is also a hole in the top of the cranium which would suggest that this skull was from a fully mounted specimen.

The hand and the foot are loosely strung with nylon cord which allows for the individual bones to be separated to enable the student to examine how the bones orientate and articulate against one another. A nice feature.

The bones and skull are kept in an old metal strong box or deeds chest which has a metal plaque on it saying " James Tasker & Co. Ironmongers & Ship smiths. 41 South Castle Street. Liverpool." There are also the remains of some letters stencilled onto the front of the box.

Overall this is a nice partial medical skeleton in an interesting old box.


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