Antique real full human medical skeleton in box. Millikin and Lawley.


This is an unusual item. An antique real human full skeleton supplied by Millikin and Lawley. This is a full skeleton and is complete with both arms, legs, patella, both halves of the pelvis, two scapula and clavicles and two hands and feet as well as sternum and ribs. As you can see from the photographs, one hand and foot are complete whilst the bones of the others are still separated. The major hand and foot bones are present although quite a few of the phalanges are missing from hand and foot. All the ribs are still present

The skull is in reasonable condition complete with sprung, articulated jaw and removable cranium held on with two old hooks. All the teeth are missing from the upper jaw and there are only a few left in the lower jaw. As was often the case, the jaws were built up with plaster and the remaining teeth were inset into the plaster to hold them in place and restore the jaw shape. There is also an old healed scar on the right side of the frontal bone.

The box measures 66cm x 26cm x 23cm.

This is a nice example of these medical skeletons and with most of the bones still present.

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