Antique real human half skeleton medical specimen in box.


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This is a nice old example of a real human medically prepared half skeleton in the original box. 

The skeleton is in pretty good condition for the age of this specimen. Judging by the box, this is an early 20th Century example. Unfortunately, the lid of the box is now missing as is any original label.

The skull would indicate that this example if from an old person as there were only a few teeth left pre-mortem. The original hooks and eyes are still present which hold the cranium in place. Unfortunately, the springs that articulate the jaw have disappeared over the years but the pins are still in the cranium. Overall, the skull is in pretty good shape with only minor damage.

The skeleton is complete with all ribs present. The hand and foot bones have been strung together as have all the vertebrae. The leg bones and pelvis were painted at one stage to show the muscle attachments. This may have been done whilst the skeleton was being prepared as some more modern examples have this finish. The painting seems to have also been very neatly done and looks pretty professional. The leg, arm, pelvis, sacrum and scapula have also had a coat of varnish at some stage. This has given them a slightly brown finish. It might be possible to remove this, but I think that this is all part of the skeleton's history and provenance. The foot bones also have some annotations.

Overall this is an interesting example of an early medical skeleton.


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