Antique real human medical half skeleton supplied by S. Rampling


Sold Out

This is another nice example of a medical half skeleton. This one is in a box which bears a stamp on the underside of the lid that says "S. Rampling. Surgical and scientific instruments. 3 Market street Cambridge". This company apparently only operated between 1959 and 2001 and the skeleton pre-dates that. I think that the company probably acquired the skeleton and then re-sold it.

The brass articulation fittings on the skull would indicate that the skeleton was prepared early 20th Century. Unfortunately, most of the teeth are now missing from the skull and there are annotations on the skull, although these could be easily removed if you prefer them without.

The skeleton is complete although the bones of the hand and foot have not been strung together. There does seem to be almost all the bones present although a few of the very small distal phalanges of the foot have disappeared.

I believe that the box is original although it does appear to have been repaired at some stage as the front and one of the sides seem to have come from other sources.

A nice specimen from a less well known supplier.


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