Antique real human medical partial skull sagittal section with exposed sinus


This is a lovely antique skull and it is a shame that it is not complete. It did arrive with a cranium that I have listed separately as I am not convinced that it is the correct one for this skull. It is close, but not close enough for me to feel confident about it. 

Even without this it is a nice early example. The style of the hooks and pins is very old. There is also a hook under the jaw which is missing the loop to which it would attach. This is a lovely example of a sagittal section down the centre of the skull. The frontal sinus and the maxillary sinus are both exposed on hinged section of the skull.

There are no teeth left in either upper or lower jaws. The mandible also has both condylar processes damaged as they have become brittle and friable with age. 


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