Antique real human medical skull with sagittal section.


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This is an early example of a real human medically prepared skull. Judging by the very old style brass fittings this is a very early 20th Century example.

The skull has no teeth left. As can be seen in the photos, the original skull would probably had no (or very few) teeth left and would probably have come from an older adult. Common practice in those days was to build the jaws up with plaster and set teeth into the plaster to create artificial dentition. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature, the plaster crumbles quickly and the teeth are often missing from these.

The skull is prepared with a sagittal section front to back to expose the sinus cavities. The two halves are held together with a hook under the upper jaw and another at the rear of the skull. The cranium is held in place with four hooks and pins although one of these has vanished as there is a small piece of the left section missing. The skull is also unusual with two sections of the skull covering a large piece of each temporal bone also being removable. They are held in place with small pins and one hook on each side.

An unusual old example of a medical skull.


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