Antique real human partial articulated skeleton thorax, pelvis and sacrum


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This is the mounted and articulated spine, scapula, clavicle, sternum, pelvis, sacrum and the ribs from what would have been a full human articulated skeleton. This example came from a medical school and unfortunately, the arms, legs and skull become separated.

The cartilage of the rib cage and the vertebral discs have been made from a fibrous substance which has become a bit discoloured over the years although the darker colour does look more realistic. Judging by the brass fittings, and old wiring, I would place this as being a mid-20th Century skeleton.

It has had a bit of punishment as quite a few of the ribs have snapped although with a bit of patience and fiddling these could be repaired. The bones have a nice deep colour and patina which shows that they have had a lot of handling and use.

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