Antique real human partial medical skull


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Here is a nice partial medically prepared skull. Unfortunately, this skull is now missing the cranium. This example was part of a collection from a medical university and it was not unusual for items to become separated.

The skull is a nice example and still has the original old springs that articulate the jaw. The bone has a nice deep colour and has a good patina which would show that it has had plenty of handling whilst at the university.

As you can see from the photos, this skull is missing most of the teeth. This is an early example as the teeth had been set into plaster to build up the jaws. Unfortunately, this becomes friable with age, so it is not unusual for the teeth to go missing over the years.

Unfortunately, the left zygomatic arch looks to have been lost or damaged over the years. There also appears to have been a repair to the right zygomatic arch which looks to have been partially repaired with wire and plaster many years ago. This is crumbling slightly and is a little dis-coloured although not immediately obvious.

Judging by the colour, patina and the brass fittings, I would estimate that this is an early 20th Century example.

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