Antique real human skull medical specimen sagittal section


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An unusual sagittal section skull.

The fittings on the skull appear to be quite old style which would suggest that this skull originated from the early 20th Century although it has either been kept very clean and away from dust or it has been cleaner relatively recently. There are a few dark marks in the sinuses and around a few of the teeth so it looks like this has been cleaned but could still be cleaned further to remove these.

The skull is in very good condition and still has most of the original teeth present. There has been a little plaster work on the right side of the jaw which appears to have been put in to hold a couple of the molars in place. The fittings to articulate the jaw, hold the cranium in place and hook the two sections together are still all there except for a wire hook which would have been in the palate of the mouth to help hold this together. Even without this, the two sections hold together without any problems.

This skull appears to have come from a young adult as the left lower molar is still partially erupted. The skull also seems to have characteristics that suggest that is is of European origin. Overall a very nice example of a medical skull showing the sagittal section and in very good condition.


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