Antique South African Knobkerrie knobkierie


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This is really tactile piece and a really nice example of the South African Knobkerrie. These have traditionally been used as throwing clubs for hunting or for clubbing the enemy in battles. They have been used for hundreds of years including during the first world war and are still carried today.

This is a beautiful example as the way it has been carved shows two separate areas on the club head that are a lighter grain of wood giving it a lovely two tone look. There are quite a number of small scratched, dents and dings in the head as would be expected from an old example ad are consistent with wear and age. These can be seen in the close photos.

If you look down the length of the shaft you can see that it is a bit wonky in places which shows that it is not machine turned but all hand whittled and carved.

It is 58cm long, 8cm across the head and weighs 600g.

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