Pre Columbian zoomorphic glazed round bottom pot


Here is another unusual example of Pre-Columbian pottery.

This one is a lovely small round bottom pot with what appears to be a either a face moulded onto the surface or the stylised shape of an animal (or bird?). When looked at from the front, there is a protrusion that could be a nose with stylised eyebrows and eyes on either side. Alternatively, it "nose" might be the head of an animal with two small eyes and a mouth. The moulding on the side might then be limbs and at the rear might be a tail. Personally, I think the latter. Similar pots were made by pre-Columbian cultures all over the Americas and seem to date from approximately 1000 years ago to 700 years ago.

There also appear to be two small holes in the top on opposite sides of the rim. These might have been for thread or cord to hang this pot up from.

The pot measures 7.5cm at its widest part and 5.5cm high. It is in great condition for its age with only a tiny chip out of the rim. There is still quite a lot of accretion of soils inside and out from when the pot was unearthed.