Mid 20th Century Adam Rouilly half real human medical skeleton


This is an interesting example of the real medical half skeleton from a young adult. Overall the skeleton is in very good condition complete with skull, scapula, humerus, ulna radius and hand bones, clavicle, all vertebrae and sacrum, femur, fibula and tibia and all foot bones. The patella, sternum and all ribs are also still present.

The bones are in very good condition. The skeleton has been annotated and coloured in places to show bone names and muscle attachments. Personally I feel that this adds to the history and provenance of the skeletons, but these can usually be easily removed if you wanted. The femur, ulna, radius, sacrum and underside of the foot have coloured areas to show muscle attachments whilst the spine and hand bones have been annotated. 

The skull is in very good condition. The hooks and springs that hold the cranium in place and articulate the jaw are still present. There are a few blue coloured marks on the skull showing attachments and also highlighting some of the seams. Some of the teeth are missing from the skull. The lower front incisors are missing although these were lost pre-mortem as the jaw has healed over. There are a further 6 teeth missing post mortem. The teeth also show brown staining and have been worn quite smooth which usually indicates chewing betel-nut in life. 

The box is in very good condition with the original Adam Rouilly label.


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