Partial real human skull medical model


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Unfortunately, this is only a partial skull now as the mandible and cranium are both missing. This is an interesting specimen. As you can see from the photos, the right zygomatic bone is missing. The pins and hooks that would have held the cranium in place are still present.

Most of the teeth are still present although as you can see from the photos, the incisors have become brittle and have split and chipped. Interestingly, this seems to have exposed a metal pin in the right central incisor. This may have been used as an implant to hold the tooth. I am not sure what the brown stain is but it looks like it might be residue from some type of glue. This is a specimen from a medical college so it is hard to guess what has happened to it over the years.

Only a partial skull, but a very nice example.

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