Real human disarticulated skull medical specimen, incomplete


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This is an interesting item. This is a disarticulated real human medical skull. All the bones of the skull have been separated to show the individual structures.

The skull is unfortunately incomplete as it is missing the mandible, the left maxilla, some of the small, fragile nasal bones. It has the frontal bone, two parietal bones, the occipital, two temporal, one maxilla, the sphenoid and two zygomatics. As you can see in the photos, there is a crack in the right parietal. Unfortunately, the skull also has only one tooth left in the maxilla. It is also of interest in the some of the bones are paper thin. This can be seen especially in the maxilla which is very fragile.

These bones all appear to have had a coat of varnish a long time ago. This was probably done the prevent the bones from becoming friable and crumbling. Unfortunately, over the years the varnish has turned a pale yellow colour.

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