Real human half medical skeleton


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This example of a medically prepared real human skeleton was part of a collection that came from a medical college and as such has had plenty of use so far.

The skeleton is complete and in reasonable condition for the age and origin. The skull has a nice rich colour and patina showing plenty of handling. Unfortunately, all but one of the teeth have disappeared over the years. The orbits of the eyes are noticeably rounded in shape which might indicate European origin. There is also a very small piece missing from the rear of the cranium.

The skeleton is complete with the hand and the foot bones being strung together to show the articulation. The vertebrae of the spine have not been drilled and strung together but are just threaded on a piece of line. The fibula has also been damaged over the years as the end has broken.

The skeleton also still has half of the original box although the lid is also missing.


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