Real human half medical skeleton in box


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This appears to be a real human skeleton from around the 1960's or 1970's, just before they stopped supplying real skeletons and moved over to plastic. There is no supplier name on the box but the way the skeleton is strung and the fixings are the same as found in the Adam Rouilly examples.

The skeleton is in great condition and looks to be that of a teenager / young adult as the bones are very fine, the plates of the skull are not fully fused and the last molars have not yet erupted.

The skull is in very good condition. There are a few small pieces missing from where the plates fuse that have come loose and disappeared. The fittings are steel and the hook that holds the cranium in place on the left has broken The frontal plate has also been glued on the inside of the cranium to hold it to the parietal bones. As you can see from the photos, the dentition is good although there are six teeth missing in total. The lower left first molar has a clear hole as a result of decay.

All the bones are present with the hand and foot bones strung together on nylon line which allows the bones to be separated to see articulation. The vertebrae and the sacrum are also strung together with nylon line.

A young half skeleton in excellent condition.

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