Real human medical half skeleton Archibald Young and Son Edinburgh


This is a nice early example of a medical skeleton. It was supplied by Archibald Young and Son, surgical instrument makers of Edinburgh. I have not encountered one of their skeletons before so this is quite an unusual item and nice as it has the original label in the box.

I would estimate, from the fittings and the box that this skeleton was supplied in the early 20th Century. Given the age, the box and the skeleton are both still in good condition.

The half skeleton is complete with all ribs, vertebrae and long bones. The bones of the hand and the foot are still strung together with the original waxed thread. It is also quite unusual in that the sternum has the cartilages (apart from one).

As you can see in the photograph, the skull is intact although it is missing quite a lot of teeth. The original brass fittings are all there although there is a little oxidation in places. The skull also seems to have characteristics that suggest that is is of European origin.


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