real human medical vertebral column / spine, occipital bone and pelvis


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This is a superb and unusual item. A real human medically prepared and articulated spine complete with the occipital bone, sacrum and pelvis. The vertebrae have all been mounted on a pair of copper rods with something like cork representing the intervertebral discs. The sacrum and pelvic bones have been wired and bolted together to show the articulation. The occipital bone has an adjustable nut that allows it to be loosened so that it can slide up and down the rods.

This whole spine has been professionally prepared and mounted probably by one of the big medical supplies companies although unfortunately, there is no name stamp or tag. Overall, this is still in excellent condition as the bones are all intact and in great condition.

This was part of a collection that came from a medical college but from the colour and condition, I don’t think that it has had much handling or use.

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